A dark and gloomy place filled with sentient spiders, amphibian humanoids, snake men, vampires, and lycanthropes. Few places of good exist, most are evil or apathetic. Goblins are this world’s greatest merchants, explorers, and designers of fancy top hats, so the goblin language is the common tongue here.

The snake men empire is growing in power, the deep ones are retreating to ancient temples of Dagon. Goblin merchants have their fingers in everyone’s pie, orcs are subjugated by powerful undead. Red Talon dark elves rule their continent with animal savagery, the Tremere dark elves are slowly gaining ground for the Silver Lotus Empire, both hating the other. Kingdoms of colossal giants watch the chaos and laugh, while ogres, wolfen, and men try to avoid the slavers lash.

This chaotic world is in constant turmoil with evil gaining ground each year, the innocent and good need champions and heroes to try and stem the dark tide, or at least patch the wounds it leaves in its wake. Mercenaries, visionaries, and would be heroes abound, few will succeed, many will perish, but with evil temples and overlord’s vaults brimming with treasure many more will try and change the world or at least line their pockets.

RACES: Denizens: all those listed in the fantasy folk book, plus singing beetles, the tzimisce & tremere & caitiff vampire clans & their ghouls, red talon werewolves, barbegazi, h.p. lovecraft ghouls & deep ones & snake people, my own snake men, amphibian humanoids, prairie cats (horseclans). Giant intelligent spiders, beastmen, furry snacks, wolfen, doppelgangers, lost ones, several races from blood types, mainly succubus, & lilitu, the sidhe(celtic myth), djinn (arabian nights), Alvar (vikings), the devi (traveler, alien races 2), the tiny people (china), finger apes (space bestiary), and probably more that I'm not thinking of right now.


Ptah created this world for his new wife, Bast. He created his first ones, the dwarves, who helped him create the world. Then Bast created her first people who walked as men in the day and as cats in the night. When they had a son, Netermest-Uaynu, the pains of birth awoke the spirit of the world, Nefertegi. Nefertegi awoke with tears of empathic pain for Bast, these tears formed Airam, goddess of oceans and love. Netermest-Uaynu immediately fell in love with Nefertegi and they were married that day.

Airam left and formed the fish from her own tears and her first people merpeople to keep her company and watch over the creatures of the sea.

Netermest-Uaynu and Nefertegi had twin sons, Nayakepu-Uaynu & Pesshetaup. Pesshetaup created animals and his first people who walked as men in the day and as beasts at night as his grandmother Bast had done. Nayakepu-Uaynu created his first people the gnomes to help him make the forests as his grandfather Ptah had done with the dwarves. When all was done the first people (dwarves, lycanthropes, merpeople, & gnomes) were told to live in harmony and wisdom.

This lasted for ten thousand years, but during this time the first people had grown apart, each making its own language. Nayakepu-Uaynu had also taken to hunting the first people (lycanthropes) of his brother when they were in beast form, as they had taken to hunting (the gnomes) his first people.

When Pesshetaup confronted his brother they grew angry and began to fight, the drops of blood from Pesshetaup that spilled upon the ground formed the wolfen, the blood of Nayakepu-Uaynu that fell formed the elves, where their blood mixed the were-elves/wolves rose. Nefertegi stopped her sons before they killed each other but was struck once and her blood formed the halflings. This strife attracted the attention of Set, he looked upon Ptah's newest world and wife with envy and formed a wife of his own from a piece of Bast's shadow and the cold and dark of the void, Nire. Nire gave birth to 100 daughters, the lilitu, and to six sons, Bokra, Focalar, Dagon, Sebek, and ? and ?? (I just ran out of names, help please). Set then created his first people, humans, and Nire created her first people the succubi. O.k. then let me know what you think, additions are welcome.

Ptah: Creator of the world, god of scholars, architects, artisans, and dwarves.

Bast: Wife of Ptah, goddess of pleasure and cats.

Netermest-Uaynu: Son of Ptah and Bast, god of magic & warriors.

Nefertegi: Spirit of the world, earth goddess, wife of Netermest-Uaynu, goddess of fertility, agriculture, domestic animals & halflings.

Airam: Created by Nefertegi, goddess of oceans, love, storms, anglers, & merpeople.

Nayakepu-Uaynu: Twin brother of Pesshautaup, son of Nefertegi & god of gnomes, forests, hunting, & elves.

Pesshautaup: Son of Netermest-Uaynu, twin brother of Nayakepu-Uaynu & god of lycanthropes, wild animals, & wolfen.

Set: God of evil

Nire: Wife of Set, goddess of torture, cold, ice, & deceit.

Lilitu: the 100 daughters of Set & Nire are all lilitu demons.

Bokra: Son of Set & Nire, demi-god of humanoid lizards and amphibians.

Focalar: Brother of Bokra, demi-god of battle-lust, murder, & fire.

Dagon: Brother of Focalar, demi-god of sea monsters, fish folk & deep ones.

Sebek: Brother of Dagon, demi-god of crocodiles, necromancers, & assassins.