GURPS Morrow Project

Morrow Project

Our agency has evidence that World War III will occur in 1989.

Everything that can be done to avert the War is being done, but another avenue must be explored, rebuilding after the War.

Our side of the organization is dedicated to rebuilding America after the inevitable nuclear war.

In 1962 a mysterious man known by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered several of the country’s leading industrialists

into an organization known as the Council of Tomorrow. He seemed to have possessed the ability to transport himself and some small amount of

nearby matter into or out of the future. Building a convincing argument from the future, he and the council structured an organization dedicated

to the continued survival of the human race beyond the point of destruction.

This organization brought forth the concept of The Morrow Project.

Volunteers are cryogenically frozen in hidden bunkers and provided with supplies and equipment to rebuild civilization 3 to 5 years after the war ends

and the nuclear fallout diminishes. The Morrow Project will be coordinated by a central command post and record-keeping facility called "Prime Base."

This is an immense self-contained bunker hidden underground in Nevada. The facility's advanced life support systems will allow the Project's leaders

to survive the war and chronicle it and be in the best position to decide what should be done next.

The Morrow Project can not prevent the coming catastrophe, nor do they have the resources to help everyone immediately. We believe it is possible to help

with the rebuilding, but even this will be a massive undertaking. Plan becomes action and over the years many well-trained teams will be cryogenically

frozen in hidden bunkers to emerge at the time when their resources and help will do the most good.

Recon teams are to reconnoiter the countryside, report on local conditions and provide advice to Prime Base concerning which teams should be awakened next.

MARS teams make up the military arm of the Project—they are extremely formidable and heavily armed.

Science teams are broadly cross-trained scientific and technical units that can cope with a wide range of situations—from complex medical care and

epidemiology to understanding unusual hazards and dangerous creatures. Their areas of knowledge range from biology to nuclear physics. They are

equipped with a custom-built vehicle called the Science One and have armament second only to that of the MARS teams.

You were recruited in 1970 at the end of your tour of duty in Vietnam to be part of a six man Recon team.

You’ve successfully completed Morrow Project training and are now trusted to rebuild civilization using any means necessary.

Your team must rely on their ingenuity, training and each other to carry out the general orders of the project:

1. Assist the population in rebuilding America whenever possible.

2. Reunite with the bulk of the Morrow Project forces.

3. Survive!

Good Luck.


Your character was recruited at the end of his tour of duty in Vietnam to be part of a six man Morrow Project Recon team. Each team member was selected because he has no family, has one or more useful skills for rebuilding America and because he is a combat veteran.

March 13, 1970 at 0800 hours on a Friday after undergoing intensive training the team is placed in cryostasis in a secure bunker called a "bolthole"


Make a 150 point GURPS character with up to 50 points of Disadvantages.

Your character already has 35 points of Disadvantages

Odd things always happen to you,

being chosen for The Morrow Project for example

Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Your training has instilled you with

Sense of Duty (Teammates) [-5]

Side effects of the cryostasis include

Partial Amnesia [-10]

Skinny [-5]

Weak Will -2 [-10] (Does not count against the 50 point limit of Disadvantages)


Required Skills - Soldier, Survival (Arctic), Physician and Teaching.

Recommended Skills - Stealth, Fast Draw (Magazine)

Required Perks - Walking Armory and Quick Reload (Magazine)

Recommended Advantages - Signature Gear, Night Vision,

Reduced Consumption, and consider increasing Perception.

Characters were made using GURPS Character Sheet

Below are some sample characters that you can use as Templates.


Meatbag here only has -40 in Disadvantages and no Quirks.

Choose -10 in Disadvantages and 5 Quirks and spend 15 more points.

Languages (1d100)

1 Nahuatl

2 Hungarian

3 Slovak

4 Basque

5 Berber (Tashelhit)

6 Icelandic

7 Creek

8 Tamil

9 Welsh

10 Urdu

11 Hindi

12 Urdu

13 Yiddish

14 Hindi

15 Hebrew

16-17 Arabic

18-20 Irish Gaelic

21-26 Navajo

27-32 Italian

33-38 German

39-40 Spanish

41-42 Khmer

43-44 Lao

46-50 Vietnamese

51-56 French

56-61 Russian

61-66 Cantonese

67-71 Mandarin

72-75 Tagalog

76-79 Korean

80-81 Louisiana Creole (Cajun)

82-84 Japanese

85-87 Cherokee

88-89 Ojibwe

90-91 Cree

92 Greek

93 Dutch

94 Finnish

95 Portuguese

96 Swedish

97 Polish

98 Angloromani

99 Latin

100 Lokono

Bravo Kilo

100 points with-35 in Disadvantages, take -15 more, 5 Quirks and spend a total of 70 more points

Truck is a ready to go 150 point character