Rappan Athuk

You can choose any Race from the Advanced Race Guide and the Psionics book. And you can play any non-evil Paizo Core Class, Base Class, Hybrid Class, Alternate Class, Psionic Class and those from Path of War.


Having an idea for a back up character can save time when giant spiders turn your main dude into a desiccated husk and put an egg sac in his skull.

Rappan Athuk for the win! Three times! Three TPKs so far. 

We started at first level and made it to 7th level before being dispatched by a pair of iron golems and a ghost. The second time we started at 6th level and were all killed by a demon. The third time we started at 6th level and made it to 8th level before being killed by a room full of cultists, priests, a demon and a spectre.

Not sure when the next time we go again but I'm looking forward to it.

Digger's Arctic Macabre Nightmare


The D.A.M.N. campaign lasted years. It was 90% unbalanced random encounters with the occasional TSR module shoehorned in. The drive behind it was the players.


Eskimo Town Generator. Set it for Inuit | Thorp | Human          

Set the Weather Generator for Cold | Winter          

and set the Encounter Table for CR any | Climate Cold          

Roll all the critical hits on the charts below.          

There you go, a 3.5 version, Enjoy!          

Critical Hit Charts

Dragon Magazine #39, July 1980 

Critical Hit Effects Table-Edged Weapons

01-31 normal critical hit damage

32-62 increase crit multiplier by one

63 shield destroyed (no effect if no shield)

64 shield destroyed (roll again if no shield)

65 helm removed (lose ear, stunned 1-6 rounds if no helm)

66 helm removed (lose ear, stunned 1-6 rounds)

67 voice box punctured, no talking (no effect if helmed)

68-69 ear removed (no effect if helmed)

70 ear removed (helm removed if helmed)

71-72 eye removed (no effect if helmed)

73 eye removed

74 knee split; movement halved

75 knee split; no movement

76 fingers removed; dexterity reduced 1-5 pts.

77 foot removed at ankle

78 leg removed at knee

79 leg removed at hip

80 shield hand removed at wrist (no effect if shield)

81 shield arm removed at elbow (no effect if shield)

82 shield arm removed at elbow (no effect if shield)

83 shield hand removed at wrist

84 shield arm removed at elbow

85 shield arm removed at shoulder

86 weapon hand removed at wrist

87 weapon arm removed at elbow

88 weapon arm removed at shoulder

89 abdominal injuries; carrying capacity halved

90 chest injuries; carrying capacity halved

91 abdominal injuries; death in 1-6 days

92 chest injuries; death in 1-4 days

93 abdominal injuries; death in 2-12 turns

94 chest injuries; death in 2-8 turns

95 abdominal injuries; immediate death

96 chest injuries; immediate death

97 throat cut; immediate death (no effect if helmed)

98 throat cut; immediate death

99 decapitated; immediate death (no effect if helmed)

00 decapitated; immediate death

Critical Hit Effects Table—Blunt Weapons

01-31 normal critical hit damage

32-64 increase crit multiplier by one

65-66 shield broken (no effect if no shield)

67-68 shield broken (roll again if no shield)

69-70 shield arm struck (no shield defense for 1-6 rounds)

71-72 shield arm broken; lose shield

73-74 weapon arm struck; hit probability -2

75-76 weapon arm struck; hit probability -4

77-78 weapon arm broken; no attacks

79-80 hand struck; dexterity down 1-5 points until healed

81-82 hand struck; dexterity down 1-5 points

83-84 chest struck; stunned 1-6 rounds

85-86 chest struck; ribs broken, lungs punctured; no movement

87-88 chest struck; ribs broken, heart punctured; death.

89-90 leg struck; fall to ground

91-92 leg struck; movement halved

93-94 leg broken; no movement

95 head struck; lose 1-6 pts intelligence (no effect if helmed)

96 head struck; lose 1-6 pts intelligence

97 head struck; lose 2-12 pts intelligence (no effect if helmed)

98 head struck; lose 2-12 pts intelligence

99 skull crushed; dead (no effect if helmed)

00 skull crushed; dead.

Critical Hit Effects vs. Animals

01-29 normal critical hit damage

30-58 increase crit multiplier by one

59-60 limb removed at body; speed halved

61-62 limb removed at midpoint; speed halved

63-64 limb removed at midpoint; hit probability -2

65-66 limb removed at body; hit probability -4

67-68 limb removed at midpoint; speed halved, hit prob. -2

69-70 limb removed at body; speed halved, hit probability -4

71-72 throat cut: immediate death

75-76 abdominal injuries; immediate death

77-78 abdominal injuries; death in 2-12 turns

79-80 abdominal injuries; death in 1-6 days

81-82 chest injuries; immediate death

83-84 chest injuries; death in 2-8 turns

85-86 chest injuries; death in 1-4 days

87-90 snout struck; immediate retreat

91-94 snout struck; hit probability -2 for 1-4 rounds

95-98 snout struck; hit probability -4 for 1-4 rounds

99 head struck; stunned for 1-6 rounds

00 head struck: immediate death 73-74 decapitated

Critical Hit Effects Table—Missile and Thrusting Weapons

01-34 normal critical hit damage

35-70 increase crit multiplier by one

71-72 shield arm struck (no effect if shield)

73-74 shield arm struck

75-76 weapon arm struck; hit probability -2

77-78 weapon arm struck; hit probability -4

79-80 weapon arm struck; no attacks

81-82 struck in abdomen; death in 1-6 days

83-84 struck in chest; death in 1-4 days

85-86 struck in abdomen; death in 2-12 turns

87-88 struck in chest; death in 2-8 turns

89-90 struck in abdomen; immediate death

91-92 struck in chest; immediate death

93 blinded in eye (no effect if helmed)

94 blinded in eye

95 larynx punctured (no effect if helmed)

96 larynx punctured

97 struck in head; lose 1-6 pts intelligence (no effect if helmed)

98 struck in head; lose 1-6 pts intelligence

99 struck in head; immediate death (no effect if helmed)

00 struck in head; immediate death

Don't why you would want it, but there's more

Donnies Xeph Campaign

The name of the Xeph outpost the group starts in bears the name Kurush. Having read a bit about the Xeph, refreshing that information just now, the party holds the role of a group who have decided to set out to explore the world together. Wanderlust holds a great deal of respect in Xeph society, seeing as how the Xeph as a race have chosen Farlanghan as their patron deity. The party has no set destination, hence the term WANDERlust. However, nearby to the west lies a hodgepodge kingdom of humans and many Xeph begin their adventures there as it has always been a place of great strife.

The Xeph outpost does have some problems locally with some denizens of the underdark, the members hearing some talk of duergar in the area. As a result the entire outpost of late has been in a flurry of activity since all know the only semi-local duergar are ruled over by mindflayers.

Perhaps instead of setting out to see the world and discover new sights the party will decide to stay local, assisting their own home against a possible duergar-illithid force.

Kurush Outpost(Hamlet)

Population (Isolated): 92% Xeph (322), 3% Human (10.5), 5% Other (17.5)

Power Centers

Appointed Mayor, Allied with Military Commander, Distrusts Ogre Tribe

Military Commander, Allied with Mayor, Distrusts Ogre Tribe

Ogre Tribe, Extorts Mayor, Hates Military

Gold piece limit 200, Community Wealth 3500

The military commander is a retired Xeph general, named Asseem, who holds great influence with the local populace and has many connections with the overall power structure in the kingdom that Kurush falls under. While he technically holds no direct authority his connections and reputation make him a power center. Entirely my fault for labeling him a military commander, he is technically an aristocratic power center since he no longer holds any direct command.

The Mayor, a Xeph named Goron, holds the honor of being the representative of the afformentioned kingdom that Kurush falls under, the Xeph kingdom of Alesage. While the Mayor holds all the direct power in Kurush he heeds closely the counsel of Asseem. Also the Mayor works hard to keep the Kingdom of Alesage out of the affairs of Kurush, hence his decision to pay the ogres rather than call in the military. Kurush's independence keeps the Alesage tax collectors at bay, an arrangement that everyone in Kurush enjoys.

The ogre tribe, who bear the name Skullsmashers, are a large tribe that live in the nearby area. They represent a non-traditional, or monstrous, power-center that holds indirect influence over Kurush. They are lorded over by an unusually intelligent ogre that many claim is actually a half-ogre. He decided to extort the town in return for keeping his ogres in line and out of the town's affairs. I believe I have applied this type of power center correctly as described in the DMG, however I am open to reinterpretation if I have deviated incredibly from the actual way it is meant to work.

Kurush came into being as a mining outpost, however the mine ran out within only a few years of being opened. Kurush now serves the role of a way station on a trade route with the hodgepodge of kingdoms to the west. This would place the bulk of the kingdom of Alesage to the east. The kingdoms to the west are a chaotic bunch and trade with them is often considered unreliable. The people who continue to inhabit Kurush have mostly come to enjoy the independence they receive by being so far from the bulk of the government.

If the gold piece limit leaves a horrible taste in the mouths of the players we can easily house rule it to no limit. Though the traders passing through are infrequent they tend to be wealthy, so it wouldn't be an incredible stretch to say there is much more wealth in Kurush than a typical Hamlet (which is the DMG entry I'm using for an outpost). Or the players can just leave. I am already aware that too much preparation on my part will only lead to frustration so I try to remain flexible. Just thought I would post a few details.

So a portion of the other in the population are ogres who have taken up with the xephs of the outpost. However, the bulk of the Skullsmashers are still thoroughly evil just far more lawful than a typical bunch of ogres. So long as the money they extort from the Mayor arrives promptly there are no problems.

The ogres who have taken up in Kurush serve the role of muscle for the locals for the most part. However, all the ogres are part of the militia and one holds the full-time position of a guard. I think I'll place the number of ogres in Kurush at ten. I'm aware that this throws the numbers off from the formula found in the DMG for determining the number of militia but who cares. Also the full-time ogre guard exceeds the number of full-time guards by one. Actually, he holds the honorary title of Captain of the Guard and the people all address him as Captain. At this point he has actually forgotten his original name and will only answer to Captain.

Nearby is a duergar mining/slaver outpost close to the surface, run by a pair of mellow mind flayers, where the slightest offense or hesitation to obey the authority figures results in your brain being extracted. We will probably have to wait till second level to storm the mayors stair less tower (mind flayers can levitate) and then slay our duergar oppressors. 

The Secret History of the Xeph

A few memorable characters from the Xeph campaign

The Sack

Tok the Mad

The duergar, also called gray dwarves, were once a settlement of dwarves that fell under attack of mind flayers, or illithids, and were captured. During their captivity, which lasted for generations, the illithids performed many cruel and unusual experiments on the dwarves. Eventually, the dwarves rose up against their captors and gained their freedom from the mind flayers. Believing Moradin abandoned them in their long captivity, the duergar took Asmodeus as their favored deity. Now the duergar inhabit volcanic areas of the Underdark and have been left as cruel and evil as their former captors and quite withdrawn from their experiences.

Physical Qualities

Duergar are similar in appearance to their distant cousins, the dwarves. Short and strongly built, duergar stand about 4 ½ feet tall and weigh roughly 200 pounds. All duergar have fiery amber eyes, and their skin is usually gray to sooty black. Their hair is generally white to gray, and males are bald (although they wear facial hair). Their long association with devils and infernal magic has left them strongly resistant to illusions, fire and poison. Nearly all duergar have long, stiff spines concealed within their beards (for males) or hair (for females) that carry a burning venom. They can pluck and hurl these quills like daggers. In public, duergar wear drab clothing designed to help them blend into their environment. In private, they may add subdued jewelry and well-wrought metal bracers, armbands or torcs. They share the love of their surface cousins for mining and metalcraft, and excel at artifice.

Playing a Duergar

Grim and ruthless, duergar grow up like their infernal relations valuing strength and endurance, and despising weak sentiment or behavior. Courageous, duergar are fierce enemies with little sense of fair play. Even more than their surface cousins, duergar are insular, looking inward and little valuing those outside of their clans. They never forget their enemies, and will wait patiently for a chance to take their vengeance ten-fold for any harm done to them. They always pay back a debt; if you are lucky enough to be on the good side of a debt with a duergar, he will grudgingly make it good to the letter of the agreement. But if you have taken advantage of him or dishonored him in his own mind, he will add you to the tally of those who deserve ten-fold vengeance. Duergar are patient and will spend years if need be preparing a revenge that leaves their enemies humiliated, and in ashes or eternal servitude. It is not uncommon for a duergar's vengeance to fall onto those one or two generations down from the person or creature who offended them, especially when dealing with shorter lived races.

In the chance that an adventurer wanders across a duergar on the surface, that adventurer is likely to notice facial and arm tattoos that mark the gray dwarf as a traitor to duergar society.

There are a few decades more of random campaigns, most ended up just being one shot campaigns, lol